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Our Experience


Saltz & Associates is a management consultancy focused on advancing the business development, planning, marketing, and performance improvement efforts of organizations seeking profitable growth. The firm helps clients achieve significant value by working collaboratively across multiple client functions and disciplines, enabling the generation of new insights and cohesive implementation of innovative solutions.

The firm helps clients achieve the following objectives:

  • Identify desirable market opportunities to maximize profits, optimize resources, and create competitive advantage
  • Define products (goods and services) and create the right marketing mix to differentiate your organization in its marketplace, offering unique value propositions
  • Align multiple functions and disciplines within your organization and create the capability required to seamlessly implement planned initiatives
  • Identify and create alliances and partnerships necessary to realize value propositions

Why Us?

In today's mercurial marketplace, value propositions must be supported with organizational adaptability.  Whether you're seeking business development, planning, marketing, or performance improvement services, Saltz & Associates will help you break down functional silos to generate innovative ideas and improve your adaptability to changing markets.